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Initially released on tape in winter 2012, here's the reissue of CALVAIIRE's debut EP "Rigorisme", for the first time on vinyl and with a brand new cover art. Formed during summer 2011 in Laval, France, CALVAIIRE's aim has always been to inject a strong feeling of urgency into their abrasive form of hardcore. The four tracks of "Rigorisme" make no exception; captured by producer/sound engineer Amaury Sauvé during a rehearsal in january 2012, this EP defines the band's foundations : dark, suffocating, and always physical.


released February 2, 2012

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle, Laval, France
Layout by Matthias Jungbluth



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Throatruiner Records Nantes, France

Throatruiner Records is a one-man operation founded in 2009 & based in Nantes, western France. We are focused on anything dark & intense, and most of our releases are available on vinyl & as free downloads.

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Track Name: Gratitude
Les infidèles se succèdent, le poignard reste le même. Que la lame reste plantée dans l’échine si elle le souhaite, on gardera les sourires de façade. On demeurera stoïques. Malgré vos œillades torves et méprisantes, malgré ces putains de glaviots qui ruissellent dans
nos veines. Qu’importe. L’heure de la saignée viendra.

"Infidels have succeeded each other, the dagger remains the same. May the blade stay stuck in our ribs if it wishes, we’ll keep our facade smiles. We will remain stoic. Despite your menacing and despising glances, despite the fucking spit that flows through our veins. Whatever. The bleeding time will come."
Track Name: Alzheimer
Aucun acharnement monomaniaque dans nos postures, juste des seringues de rappels face à vos dénis quotidiens. Avant que les poinçons ne prennent le relais. Parce que vos gueules ternes sont autant de miroirs où nos reflets s’estompent, parce que vos serments s’éventent bien avant toute amorce d’espoir. Votre phobie du tangible ne rachète rien, encore moins notre perdition.

"No monomaniac tenacity in our positions, just reminding syringes against your daily denials. Before the punches take over. Because your dull faces are so many mirrors in which our reflections fades, because your oaths fade before any hope begins. Your phobia of the tangible doesn’t buy anything, even less our perdition."
Track Name: Castration
Fallait prévenir que l’opulence ne durerait pas, on se serait baffrés à en gerber. Mendie des quignons et rampe pour les miettes. Ravale tes bas-instincts, planque ta misère. Tout est vain. Deviens ce que tu es, hais ce que tu deviens. Une bête de plus parmi les autres. C’est que les néons ne seront jamais assez blafards pour voiler l’écume.

"You should have warned us that the opulence would not last, we would have pigged ourselves until we puke. Beg for crusts and crawl for crumbs. Swallow your low instincts, stash your misery. Everything is vain. Become what you are, hate what you become. Another beast among the others. It’s that neons will never be pale enough to veil the froth."
Track Name: Blut
Force ou faiblesse de l’âge, là n’est pas la question; toujours est-il qu’on a de moins en moins de scrupules à causer aux sourds avec les poings. Saloperies de clébards à peine sevrés et déjà baisés pour la vie. Paraît que ça apprend mieux la truffe collée dans sa propre merde. Alors reviens donc souiller la source à ta guise, c’est avec ce même rictus de fils de pute qu’on t’enfoncera. Un pas en arrière pour deux pas en avant, un ver qui nous émaciera tous mais nécessaire. C’est que liens du sang fermement noués, il y a des croix dont on ne peut se délester.

"Strength or weakness of age, that is not the question, the fact remains that we have fewer scruples about talking to the deaf with fists. Fucking dogs, barely weaned and already screwed for life. Seems that it learns best truffles stuck in its own shit. So come back and soil the roots as you please, it is with that same son of a bitch fixed grin that we will break you down. One step back for two steps forward, one worm will emaciate us all but necessary. It’s that blood ties are tightly knotted, there are crosses which we can not be offloaded from."