Via Dolorosa




Rien de plus aisé que de s'auto-proclamer martyr sans avoir eu le palais éduqué au goût du sang versé en vain. Vos emmurements semblent avoir leur confort malgré tout, là où les molles concessions se muent en lourds sacrifices. Mais faudra pas nous en vouloir de faire l'impasse sur vos lamentations, les canonisations ne se feront qu'aux genoux croûteux.

"Nothing is easier than self-proclaimed martyrdom when your mouth has never been educated to the taste of blood shed in vain. Your walls seem to have their comfort anyway, where weak concessions are transformed into heavy sacrifices. But you can't blame us for overlooking your lamentations, the canonizations will only happen to scabby knees."


from Forceps, released December 31, 2013



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Throatruiner Records Laval, France

French record label focused on anything dark & intense - hardcore, crust, sludge, noise, black metal... Most of our releases are available on vinyl and as free downloads.

European distribution for Deathwish Inc, A389, Southern Lord, Hydrahead, Relapse and many more.
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